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Decision 3

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There are so many zombie horror movies and games out there it can be hard separating the biters from the walkers, the guts from the glory, and indeed the good games and the bad games. The Decision series has always offered games that lay on the better side of good, and now Decision 3 is here to take on the zombie survival genre yet again. More weapons lay in wait for you to use them, more enemies for you to kill them, and more survivors for you to save them. Flash-based survival horror scarcely gets better than this, so lead your own group of survivors to continued existence today in Decision 3.

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screenshot of Sonny game

If you’re bored of real-time strategy or even regular combat games where each opponent is free to make his or her moves at will, perhaps you could benefit from the teachings of Sonny, a turn-based RPG game of distinctive style and unquestionable popularity among the flash-based RPG-game community. Embark upon a question playing as a good-guy zombie and eviscerate your opponents by taking it in turns to make various moves, battling and upgrading your way to eventual victory and success on this elaborate quest.

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Sonny 2

screenshot of Sonny 2 game

Though the battles may be calm affairs organised into what really are a polite, anti-climactic duels where you and your foes are angry enough to be attacking each other but apparently not so much that you would go ahead and attack without letting the opponent go first, Sonny is a turn-based RPG series that has received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. Sonny 2 is a title that pushed a solitary Sonny game into the category of a ‘series’, and both the fans and developers have never looked back because of the sublime design and tactics-heavy action ahead. 

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Sonny 3

It was a cold, cold morning on the day of the 21st, the exact month being May and the year 2013, it most definitely was not the worst, though definitely not the best we’ve seen. Umm, that’s it for the attempted rhyming by the way since I’m running out of ways to describe in a believably rhyming fashion the day on which Krin Studio announced that ideas were being bounced around for a game that a hefty proportion of the online flash-gaming community had been waiting on with colossal anticipation for a very, very long time: Sonny 3. Considering how passionate the fan base of the third-person, turn-based RPG games Sonny 2 and the pioneering likes of the original are, one can really only imagine the following that the as of yet unreleased Sonny 3 has garnered so far and will likely continue to do so. I’m talking to you right now about it, so what more proof do you need of the effect of this prospective sequel on the gaming community? I was merely wondering if you had a few minutes to talk about Jesus (only joking, I actually want to briefly discuss what we know and can speculate about Sonny 3).

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The Last Stand: Union City - How to Live in a Zombie Invasion

One of the worst apocalyptic scenarios that humans could ever face is the threat of an undead uprising. Be it by scientific or magical means, hordes of zombies have a way of gaining numbers quite quickly - numbers that will eventually overwhelm and decimate a wide variety of modern-day defenses. Fortunately, the world of Last Stand: Union city from Con Artists & Armor Games places you, the player into a world that has just entered the initial phases of a zombie breakout - while a vast number of the undead already roam the streets, it is entirely possible to make it out alive, as long as you know what to do.

the last stand 3 game: title screen

You Have the Ability

Union City's core gameplay relies on how you build your character. If you increase your strength and melee abilities, you can use handheld weaponry to slash and bash zombie heads. Those with high intellect know how to pick locks and earn more skills from books. Placing skill points in scavenging lets you find more things and those who want good defense would choose to invest in the corresponding skill.

the last stand 3 game: conversations

In short, your gameplay is determined by your choices and as such, choosing your initial skills should reflect your style.

Now, as much as we would want to say that the game is versatile enough to support any type of character, it is not. In fact, it breaks all sense of practicality not to invest in strength and melee weaponry early in the game. This is because ammunition is a limited resource at the start and melee has a consistent damage -whereas guns have to rely on limited ammunition and even worse, inaccurate shooting. Most guns will require plenty of points in the long range weapon skills before any of them becomes reliable enough to use. Melee on the other hand will still function without much problems even at low level proficiency, plues, you also get to save on plenty of ammunition.

Increasing Levels

In order to earn attribute points and skill points, players need to gain experience points. This is earned for every zombie killed (except for really weak zombies -these will not award any exp once your level is high enough) and also from doing quests. The great thing about quests is that you can come back for most of them, so be sure to keep note of the location of important NPC characters.

the last stand 3 game: acquire ally

One of the most useful ways of earning plenty of experience points is done by "farming" a location until the experience point game drops to a low amount. In locations where a safe house is near an indoor location with zombies, you could try spawning in an out of rooms hoping for a roof-crash-ambush; this is when the roof suddenly tears down and zombies drop out of it continuously. As long as you have some healing items, a good melee weapon and a companion NPC with a good firearm, you could generate plenty of experience points. Just be sure to stay just outside the drop zone and keep your NPC companion further behind you. If your melee weapon is long enough, your attacks will hit multiple zombies and even ones that are still dropping down.

Character Builds

the last stand 3 game: character menu

For the most part, the main goal of Final Stand 3 is to have a character that is very well rounded, but if you prefer to specialize, there are some options that you chould choose to go for.

Tank types are exactly what they sound like: characters with high defense. In terms of stats, this is entirely reliant on a player's Endurance and Fitness. Since wearable items offer no significant bonus to defense (equipping armor seems to be more of a cosmetic thing than functional), you can only tank if your defense is high enough. Also, be sure to stock up on pills, bandages and other health restoring items as you will be taking plenty of hits. A Tank type character is best assisted by companion with a good long range gun (such as Hank, equipped with a hunting rifle) which helps take down the zombies you hold off.

Players who prefer a fast paced gameplay will want to beef up luck for critical shots and better item drops. Scavenging is a critical skill since you will need plenty of food and ammunition to support your play style. Fitness also helps improve stamina which is a necessity for those times when you really need to sprint away.

Using firearms in Final Stand 3 is a lot harder than in the previous games -you will need a good amount of skills points in the proper gun-type to be any good. For the most part, automatics and long guns have good accuracy once the skill level is high enough. Shotguns are useful mid-game, though they are easily beat by more powerful melee weapons such as hatchets and the battle-axe.


the last stand 3 game: enter house

Collecting items is an integral part of the gameplay -as such, it is best to scour every house and buildings for nooks and crannies that may hide items. Be sure to highlight stray boxes, empty shelves and even wall details in case they can be searched.

Depending on your luck and scavenge skill, your character could find a wide variety of items some useful and others not. The key is in knowing which items are worth keeping in the first place. It should be noted that despite the fact that a shop system is in place in this game, there is no way of selling items that you find. As such, it is best to dispose of any item you will not need. Your character can only carry a set amount and your safe house storage has a very limited capacity. In short, do not store any worthless items. Things that pop up in the junk category of the inventory need to be thrown out -though it does pay off to talk to the crafting NPC to identify usable loot: which is the broken pipe and the paper weight.

the last stand 3 game: scavenge

Useful items come in the form of food, medicine, skill books, weapons, ammo and clothes. Food and medicine basically restore health -though in the survival mode, food also helps remove hunger. Skill Books will increase skill points in certain skills when read (usually by about 3-5 points, it can go higher if your intelligence is high enough). Weapons are pretty much self-explanatory, and so does ammunition. Clothes provide you with a way to completely optimize your character. Some clothes can come in a variety of colors or patterns, so just keep the ones you think suits your character best. Since, clothes do not add any beneficial effects to your stats, it is best to throw away the ones you do not need.

What to Keep

the last stand 3 game: inventory weapon

Choosing which weapon to keep is a matter of having the right type weapon that you want and selecting the ones with the best performance. This means that if you already have a stronger blunt weapon -such as a heavy tire iron, then there is no need to keep an old wooden board in your inventory. The same logic applies to guns. Fortunately, ammunition has no weight so carry as much of it as you always can.

Eventually, and this is a certainty, you will end up with more things than you can carry. At this point, it is simply a matter of auditing your item usage. If you do not plan on making use of that shotgun, then throw it away. Keep track of which items take up plenty of weight (keep an eye for weapons that are "heavy" but are pretty low tier, also dispose of anything that is "damaged" especially later on -early in the game, some damaged weapons are stronger than normal items).

There is no sense to horde books. Unlike in Fallout where a skill book is best kept until a player has learned a skill that increases the number of skill points earned per book, the issue is not quite the same in the Last Stand. Sure, having a higher intelligence point rating will add a few extra skill points per book -but it is rarely that a player would choose to increase their intelligence level. Also, there is a chance that players will earn skill books randomly while scavenging or from enemy drops. Since you can benefit a lot from the early bonus, better read those books as soon as you get them.

Once you finally decide which items to keep and which ones to store, be very careful -the item delete function has no secondary prompt. Just be sure to read each item name before deleting it to be sure that any important items will remain in your inventory.

Lock Picking

the last stand 3 game: lock picking

A vital component of scavenging is picking locks -some can be opened by looking for a key, in most cases, you need your own skills to open the lock. In order to do the lock picking sequence, you simply have to hold "up" for a moment before releasing it, this will cause the first cylinder to rise up. When you hear a click (yes, you will need the audio to be on for this), press "right" and it will lock the cylinder in place. Simple locks have only one cylinder; others have two to three depending on the difficulty.

For the most part, it is always better to manually pick the locks instead of using the force lock function -doing so will run the risk of accidentally breaking the lock. If this happens, you will no longer be able to open the lock anymore. The only reason a player should use the force lock function is if they are trying to get certain achievements.

Gun Shooting

the last stand 3 game: rescue

If you choose to focus on long range combat -which is both difficult and fun, here are a few pointers that will certainly help you out. First -never reload. There is not that much of a bonus if you choose to reload after every firefight and also, reloading means sacrificing whatever bullets are left in the previous magazine. Since the game makes your character auto-reload whenever your clip runs out, it is best to let the process take its course, doing this will save you plenty of ammunition.

Crouch and aim for the head. Not only does crouching improve your accuracy by a little bit, but this also ensures that your shots are more likely too low for a headshot than too high -when your shots go over the head, it is likely that the shot is wasted (unless it hits a tall enemy behind your target). Missing the shot and hitting your target below means that you at least get to deal some damage.

Have a melee weapon ready as a secondary item: there are just some times when you will need to push and whack an enemy. Maybe a zombie was able to run up to you, or a dog managed to charge you, or a crawler went by unnoticed. In cases like these and others, you will need a pretty decent melee weapon. Whether it is sharp or blunt is entirely up to you.

The Final Dash

the last stand 3 game: last charge

The final portion of the game will require you to survive a mad dash across several screens into safety. At this point in the game, the only thing that matters is to have a decent amount of stamina, a good weapon and plenty of health restoring items. Do not try to attack the zombie horde that approaches you from the left side of the screen, simply keep running to the right. You will encounter a stray zombie or two from the right -these one you will have to kill fast. Also, midway through, a few armed targets will also be in your way. Be sure to kill them before they manage to bring down your HP.

the last stand 3 game: boat ending

Completing the Trophies

A lot easier said than done, the game has over 50 achievements that will challenge even the most hardcore of players to accomplish. Also, there is proven method for gaining all achievements on a single run -this means that you will have to play and finish the game at least twice in order to get all the trophies.

These first 6 achievements are automatically earned as you progress in the game. As such, there is no need to think about any requirements other than making it to the game's ending.

  • Brookvale - 50 XP
  • Home Again - 200 XP
  • Outpatient - 250 XP
  • Ball Game - 250 XP
  • Together Again - 1000 XP
  • Break In - 1000 XP

The Following are Kill-Based Trophies and can be earned through the course of the game. If you are near the end and you still have not gotten some of these, you can go back to other maps and kill more zombies. The first two is more on enemy interaction.

  • Outta My Way! - 1000 XP, gained by shoving 40 enemies; not really "killing", but you might as well shove a few before shooting or maiming them to get this achievement.
  • Smart Move - 250 XP, simply walk out of the door from any room that has at least 5 zombies, then you can come back to kill them any way you want.
  • This next set is more on how an enemy is killed.

  • Without a Sound - 3500 XP, gained by making 20 stealth kills, pretty easy to do early on, just get a powerful melee weapon than whack a zombie dead before it turns to face you.
  • Stay Down - 2500 XP, gained by killing 10 enemies before they get up. If you see a zombie lying down, try to shoot or maim them, this increases the chances of getting this trophy early on.
  • Bloody Mess - 750 XP, gained by getting 10 critical headshot killing attacks. This one will take a while to earn -simply keep shooting for the head and pray your luck is high enough. A critical hit is shown in yellow numbers.
  • Aim for the Head - 500 XP, gained by getting 50 headshot kills, this is pretty easy with a high powered rifle.
  • Crippler - 250 XP, gained by getting 20 leg kills. This is best earned while dealing with armored zombie police or soldiers.
  • Death from Above - 500 XP, gained by killing an enemy while it is airborne; if you have a strong enough melee weapon, simply stand near the edge of a roof-hole ambush. Chances are you will be able to kill an enemy as it is on the way down.

This next set focuses on what weapons are used to kill the enemies.

  • Sub Machine - 1000 XP, gained by making 100 SMG kills.
  • Assault Trooper - 1000 XP, gained by making 100 rifle kills
  • Pistolero - 1000 XP, gained by making 100 pistol kills.
  • Slugger - 500 XP, gained by making 30 zombie melee kills.
  • Juggernaut - 1000 XP, gained by making 100 zombie melee kills. This and slugger are easily earned by using blunt or sharp weapons early in the game.
  • KABOOOOM - 1500 XP, gained by killing 20 enemies in explosions (one good way to do this is near the very end before riding the boat -throw some grenades towards the stairs).

These ones are based on the total number of enemies killed.

  • Clean Up - 250 XP, gained by making 100 zombie kills.
  • Street Sweeper - 3000 XP, gained by making 500 zombie kills.
  • Annihilation - 10000 XP, gained by making 2000 zombie kills; these last three kill-related trophies are rewarded as long as you keep killing zombies, with all the other requirements above, you will easily get these along the way.

The last one is a bit more specific and is something of a spoiler, but it is easily earned as you play the game.

  • Human Target - 250 XP, gained by killing a human enemy; this basically happens as you play the game so do not worry about it.

The following achievements are about things you can do with your character, NPCs and the world in general, they are fairly easy to do and it is likely that you will earn some in the course of the game without intentionally intending to.

The next batch of trophies covers things pertaining to your character and leveling up.

  • Skillful - 2500 XP, gained by bringing a skill up to 50.
  • Masterful - 10000 XP, gained by bringing a skill up to 100. While not really recommended -since it will waste precious skill points, this achievement can be easily earned. You might as well do it for a useful skill such as weapon proficiency ability or for scavenging.
  • Bookworm - 1250 XP, gained by reading 20 skill books.
  • Forgetful - 50 XP, gained by leveling up two times without distributing the points you earned.

The next set of Trophies is about interacting with the world around you.

  • Running Man - 500 XP, gained by sprinting for 5000 feet. This is easy to earn, as long as you remember to sprint from time to time.
  • Sleepy - 300 XP, gained by sleeping for at least 50 hours. You can sleep up to 10 hours each time, you can get this if you use beds often enough -even without maxing out the sleep hours or by sleeping several times in a row.
  • Noted - 50 XP, gained by reading 5 notes throughout the game.
  • I Know - 1250 XP, gained by reading 30 notes throughout the game. Keep an eye on walls for scribbles and notes for this (these are also worth reading since they are often funny, grim or provides a bit of background information).

The following trophies cover scavenging and searching, a bit of luck will certainly help a lot here especially with Lady Luck.

  • No Vacancy - 250 XP, gained by maxing out the storage space. Even if the bin is already full, keep tossing in items until you get the trophy (try stuffing in items with 0.1 weight).
  • One Man's Trash - 100 XP, gained by getting 25 junk items, this is easy, just keep picking up any item early in the game.
  • Lady Luck - 500 XP, gained by getting 40 lucky finds (such as finding skill books are really good weapons).
  • Scavenger - 300 XP, gained for searching 100 storage locations.
  • Treasure Hunter - 500 XP, gained for searching 250 storage locations.
  • These are achievements earned through NPC interactions.

  • Friend in Me - 600 XP, gained after recruiting a companion, this is pretty easy since you can get companions early on (the girl in the store is the earliest).
  • The Hand Off - 300 XP, gained after exchanging weapons with a companion. As soon as you have a companion, you can press G to exchange weapons.
  • Taskmaster - 1500 XP, gained by finishing 20 quests. To finish this, simply talk to all NPCs and accept the quests they give (naturally, you should also accomplish those quests to earn the trophy).
  • I Can Help - 500 XP, gained by finishing 10 quests (see above).

There are also three money-based achievements to earn.

  • Blood Money - 1000 XP, gained by finding $5000 worth of bills throughout the game.
  • Economist - 500 XP, gained by finding $1000 worth of bills throughout the game
  • Big Spender - 1500 XP, gained by purchasing $1000 worth of stuff from the King-o-Pawn weapon store. Just buy a few good weapons and you will earn this achievement.

These next achievements are all about consumable items (with the exception of Bookworm, which was listed further up this list).

  • Glutton - 500 XP, gained by eating 50 items. Foods and drinks are covered here and as long as you use them for regaining HP or dealing with hunger, you will earn the trophy in no time.
  • Pills Here! - 300 XP, gained after using 15 bottles of pills. There are a limited number of pills in the game so try and find them all.
  • Playing Doctor - 250 XP, gained by using 10 medical items (pills, bandages and other similar consumables, not food and drinks).
  • Physician - 750 XP, gained by using 30 medical items, same rules apply as Playing Doctor.

These last achievements are all focused on lockpicking -and for us, this is where you will find the most difficult trophies to earn. Some out of sheer difficulty and others because of how bad the odds are to succeed, there is one important factor and that is in knowing where all the locks are located. Here is a quick list for reference:

  1. 1. 10th Smith Street, Pinedale
  2. 2. 14th Smith Street, Pinedale
  3. 3-5. UC Storage, Brookvale
  4. 6-7. Brookvale Heights, Brookvale
  5. 8-9. Glendale Apartments, Canal Park
  6. 10-11. The Hospital, Canal Park (do not get "storage room key")
  7. 12. Earl of Burger, Newtown (do not get "ladies' room key")
  8. 13-14. Whistler Hotel, Uptown (do not get "room 403 key")
  9. 15-16. Union City Police Department, Uptown (do not get "Police Gun Cage key")
  10. 17-18. Medical Clinic, Uptown
  11. 19. HERC Base, Uptown
  12. 20. Docks Office, Docks
  13. 21-22. Military Base, Waterside (do not get "Army Gun Cage key")
  • Open Damn It! - 1000 XP, gained by forcing 3 locks successfully.
  • Locksmith - 500 XP, gained by picking 10 locks successfully.
  • Master Locksmith - 1500 XP, gained by picking 20 locks successfully (see list above).
  • Brains Beats Brawns - 1000 XP, this is gained by successfully picking a lock even if you already have a force success chance of 70% or higher.
  • Brawns Beats Brains - 1000 XP, this is gained if you successfully force unlock even with a chance of 30% or lower. Try this early on while your lock picking skills are still low. If increased sufficiently, force chance on hard locks will still be over 30%.
  • Oh Come On - 1000 XP, this is considered to be the most difficult one to earn. To get this achievement, you must find a lock where your chances of success in force unlock is at least 95%. The challenge is to actually fail opening the lock -which is hard since you only have a very small 5% chance of failing. Expect to refresh your browser a lot for this one.