Decision 3 Game

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Decision 3 - Flyanvil's zombie survival series is now a trilogy thanks to this tense and challenging third instalment

Horror, Survival, and a Whole Load of Shooting

With so many bad puns and downright awful jokes simply itching to be made out of the name of Flyanvil's tense zombie-survival games, it's a wonder I ever managed to put down a coherent and (relatively) serious opening sentence without descending into embarrassing wordplay. One could say that it was my Decision to treat Decision 3 with the utmost respect, particularly considering the fact that it is actually Flyanvil's best adoption of the zombie-survival shooter genre to date.

Not only will you be taking on wave upon wave of zombies with a multitude of weapons in the game's intriguing world in Decision 3, but you'll also accumulate and make use of its many survivors. When you begin you will experience there is much to learn if you're playing the game for the first time, but the tutorial-style levels will ease you in to the action as gently as is possible in a game where the tension can reach almost unbearable levels. Believe me, it's much better than I'm currently failing to make it sound.

Shown the Ropes

Though the game will give you all the information you need about Decision 3's controls (and previous players will already be familiar anyway), I find it worth mentioning that the game actually lets you customise the controls, even incorporating this customisation in the tutorial level so that you get to grips with the flexibility that's on offer when playing this third instalment in Flyanvil's series.

The best controller setting is definitely the shoot and move option where you use the WASD or arrow keys to move and the mouse and mouse button to aim and shoot respectively; mouse-only is a bit of a pain and feels unnatural, but it's good to have it there in case you don't have access to a keyboard for some bizarre reason that I can't possibly think of at the current moment.

Wave After Wave

After getting to grips with the moving and shooting you basically are allowed to go ahead and scout the surrounding areas one at a time. Each area contains a multitude of goodies including resources, money, survivors, and eventually different weapons and ammo caches as well. Oh, and I should mention that there are always zombies looking to ruin your day by hanging around in hordes and attacking you at the most inopportune times. Depending on your mission - you are able to choose from a variety of actions such as scouting an area, clearing it out to make it safer, capturing it, and building things in it as well - there will be zombies looking to kill you and possibly the person/people you're attempting to convoy as well. The responsibilities are more complex than in fellow zombie game SAS Zombie Assault 4 as well, making it a richer experience.

The difficulty level can be chosen at the outset of the game of course, but whatever level you choose you will also experience a steady increase in difficulty within your game as well, namely in the number of zombies you'll encounter during your various missions. Expect regular zombies, fast movers, zombie dogs, and many, many more foes to deal with, though you also have an arsenal that will expand as you go along as well as survivors that can help do things like produce resources for your or even shoot enemies with you as you scout various areas. Reducing the danger level in any area by scouting and clearing them also reduces the quantity of zombies you will encounter in future there.

Try Before you Don't Buy

There's really not much more to convey about Decision 3 here without me simply telling you to experience the game for yourself. The game is a classic zombie survival title that's kind enough to give you the extra challenge of managing your resources (to an extent) and collecting survivors in order to, well, survive of course. The graphics here are much better than in Decision 2 and the content greatly improved from the original as well; there's simply more to do and survival is more complex. It's a shame the narration in the cut-scenes is so awful however since it lets down the game just a little. Still, give it a go and experience the tension first-hand - you won't regret it.