Sonny 3 Online Game

Sonny 3 is the upcoming survival zombie game by Krin Studios. It has been over 2 years since the second game was released.

Krin Studios are developing Sonny 3 is Unity rather than flash which promises to deliver a far more rich gaming experience which will no doubt see Sonny 3 come to browser, Android and iOS.

Krin Stuadios has not updated their site regarding the game since summer 2014 so we are still waiting for a confirmed release date.

Do You Have A Minute to Talk about turn-based RPGs?

It was a cold, cold morning on the day of the 21st, the exact month being May and the year 2013, it most definitely was not the worst, though definitely not the best we’ve seen. Umm, that’s it for the attempted rhyming by the way since I’m running out of ways to describe in a believably rhyming fashion the day on which Krin Studio announced that ideas were being bounced around for a game that a hefty proportion of the online flash-gaming community had been waiting on with colossal anticipation for a very, very long time: Sonny 3. Considering how passionate the fan base of the third-person, turn-based RPG games Sonny 2 and the pioneering likes of the original are, one can really only imagine the following that the as of yet unreleased Sonny 3 has garnered so far and will likely continue to do so. I’m talking to you right now about it, so what more proof do you need of the effect of this prospective sequel on the gaming community? I was merely wondering if you had a few minutes to talk about Jesus (only joking, I actually want to briefly discuss what we know and can speculate about Sonny 3).

Speculation and discussion of potential features and inclusions

This Kid’s Got Skills

So I’ll start with what we know based on the cold, hard evidence that came to us via Twitter in the form of a picture posted by Krin on the date I mentioned in the opening throws of this mini-article, which displays some rough ideas for some skills we might see in the sequel. A passive ability called neutralise looks to be in the running which will block certain spells that meet a certain criteria based on the focus they cost or their cooldown. Disrupt will dispel all buffs from the target and deal a certain amount of damage per buff. Reverse will restore the target’s health and focus to its state in the previous turn. Molten Strike sounds nasty as it will deal X amount of damage directly to the target as well as additional damage for each fire buff on it. Overcharge would recover 30 focus if it were to be included in Sonny 3, as well as allow you to gain a buff which increases agility. The final skill that Krin has brainstormed is Blood Freeze deals damage directly and also renders the target incapable of healing; the effect is also dispelled if the target has fire damage.

Class Act

That’s it with the evidence-based musings on Sonny 3; it’s pure speculation from now on, and it’s inevitable that we’re going to see new classes in this sequel. Many forums have lit up with ideas for some new classes ranging from ones that are based heavily on the existing ones (hydraulic, biological, psychological) to some outlandish offerings that are unlikely to see the light of day. A magic/supernatural-based class along the lines of a shaman, conjurer, or a priest seems fitting for players that like to heal. Assassin or Ninja could be a class for those that would like to use powerful moves that are quick to cause death. Power-heavy classes like warrior, samurai, or guardian/gatekeeper. More classes are pretty much a must for Sonny 3 since it seems like a natural progression from the predecessor to have more in its successor.


Incorporating a multiplayer network into a sequel is always going to be a big ask for any developer, but making us wait this long for a sequel is also a big as from the fans as well, so it really isn’t that much to ask for when it all balances out. Just imagine the greatness that would result in Sonny 2 having a multiplayer, let alone a new and improved Sonny 3 having said functionality! The possibilities would be almost limitless and my god would it create a loyal community of online player that will follow the game to the ends of the earth if they had to.

More More Gore

What’s this sparkly nonsense that replaces blood in the previous two Sonny games? I know it’s seemingly a minor issue, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have optional gore in the game that can be turned on or off at the user’s behest instead of simply having a puff of what is essentially glitter making the whole thing seem considerable less realistic?