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Sonny – A turn-based RPG that some would say is the best of all time

A Reputation Like No Other

Turn-based RPGs just aren’t what they used to be, am I right? The days of spending endless, consecutive hours tipping over into days playing Final Fantasy are truly a thing of the past; I’m unlikely to spend more than a few total hours playing most of the RPG games these days. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this wistful nostalgia that colours the past into something it perhaps wasn’t, and we’ve always got Pokémon to keep the turn-based RPG thing going no matter what the year or level of technological capability we are at. Flash-based RPG games of the turn-taking variety are also a rarity, or at least ones that are worth playing are, anyhow. Forget classic zombie titles like Road of the Dead 2, it’s time to take some turns by taking a chance on Sonny, a flash-based RPG series where taking it in turns to batter, slash, and generally upset your opponent physically until he or she decides to perish. Many will argue that this is perhaps one of, if not the greatest flash-based RPG game ever made, but this really depends on whether politely taking it in turns to make moves if your thing or not. One thing that is certain is that Sonny has something to offer that many people enjoy, and it is rare that a game of this genre should gain such a heavy following.

Can’t Beat a Narrated Adventure

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to your usual turn-based RPG, then you may be a little disappointed because this truly is a run-of-the-mill, turn-based RPG game, though only in its format since this is actually one of the games that serves as the benchmark against which all other turn-based titles should be judged. It’s pretty simple really since all you have to do is follow the fully-narrated adventure through to its conclusion, entering into battles along the way. With you on the left of the screen and your opponent on the right, you must select from the contextual menus that surround your opponent, differing in functions according to your position and other functional variables. Clicking on your enemy reveals many offensive options whereas clicking on yourself or your allies (which you eventually acquire as you play through the game) comes up with some self-healing and other options.

Polite Beheadings

I have always found turn-based RPGs to be somewhat of anticlimactic by their very nature since you can’t really talk about the “heat” of battle if said battle relies on you politely taking it in turns with your opponent to whack each other over the head with different items and various magical spells. In spite of this, Sonny does have something to offer fans of the genre since you have a format that rewards you with money and experience in order for you to level up and acquire different spells and abilities such as flame strikes and crippling spells to overwhelm you opponents.

One of the main selling points of Sonny as a turn-based RPG game is the sheer variation involved in the tactics depending on the context of each battle. Your strategy in each battle can vary depending upon the number of opponents, the number of allies, your abilities, your level of development, and a number of other variables that all add up to a pretty diverse way of going about the turn-based RPG genre. Created by a developer called Krinlabs, this game is as well designed and beautifully-illustrated as it is executed, and it certainly deserves the following that it has, even if this style of game is in my opinion the antithesis of what I (and indeed the dictionary) feel the definition of “action” is supposed to be.