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When the brains have been eaten and the dust has settled, it’s time for humans to regroup, re-evaluate, and rebuild what once was

On the Run Again...

More often than not, popular portrayals of the ubiquitous zombie apocalypse always end up going one way, with the humans always being on the back foot and typically inches away from death the entire time. It seems that the zombies always have the upper hand because of the sheer number of them, and the humans unfortunate enough to get caught up in the whole desperate fiasco are inevitably forced to perpetually be on the run, fighting; hiding; dying. Some prime examples of this edge-of-survival format are the sublime Road of the Dead 2 and the furiously addictive The Last Stand, but why do us humans always have to be the ones running away from things? If like me you feel that enough is enough and that it is time to take a stand and take back what is rightfully ours, then please join me in my fondness for the zombie building game niche where running isn’t an option and the recapturing of our hold on the society that once was is the top priority. We have some of the very best rebuild games that pretty much define the genre, so you optimists out there (and people that are tired of being forced by the undead to be on the run in a permanent fashion) should give this section a serious perusal.

Rebuilding for Resilience

Though the titles of the games in this first series that I will mention make it pretty easy to deduce what the content of the games will be, this self-explanatory title isn’t the only reason that the Rebuild series has amassed so many fans in its relatively short time on the internet. If you’re all about the rebuilding and reconstruction in favour of simply retreating and running away, then the debutant game of the Rebuild series, the aptly-named Rebuild, is a fine display of flash-based survival through reconstruction. Taking on the format that looks much like a darker, twisted version of Sim City, Rebuild involves taking charge of a group of survivors, each with a particularly affinity and aptness for different tasks who must work as a team to scout out and reclaim the remains of the small town that they have managed to hold on to amidst the post-apocalyptic chaos. It is the intelligence and the variety involved in the game as well as the real-time format that makes it such a brilliant experience that having simply one title would be an insult to its greatness.

Rebuilding After Rebuilding

Luckily for all of us fans of rebuilding out there, Rebuild 2 is a sequel that continues the real-time rebuilding and reclaiming of a once-vibrant town through management of its survivors and the strategic allocation of resources. Though there aren’t many groundbreaking additions to the gameplay since the original, Rebuild 2 is a much-tweaked and vastly-improved version of its predecessor where minor change has made a major difference.

If Rebuild 2 wasn’t enough, however, you always have Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville to look forward to. Having already spent more time on developing this much-anticipated sequel than the previous titles put together (and development isn’t even finished yet), developer Sarah Northway is ensuring that this third instalment takes us on a journey across several cities whilst enjoying some fresh new content, new skills, various NPCs that can be either allies or enemies, and a visual renovation that will make the previous two titles seem like child’s play in comparison.

Towering for Survival

Perhaps the complete rebuilding of a city through resource and team management really isn’t your thing, or the relatively gore-less design of the Rebuild series just doesn’t sit well with your lust for all things blood-spattered? These are zombie games after all, so if the previous titles aren’t to your taste, then SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense very well could be. This game involves defending yourself against waves of zombies by placing various towers in different locations on the map.

The towers in question are effectively different types of gun turret and obstructive objects that will keep zombies at bay and decimate them to varying degrees of brutality and success. Money is earned in increasing amounts depending on which difficulty you choose to complete each mission in, and upgrades to your turrets and other weapons are soon achieved, ensuring that the game becomes more entertaining the more that you play through it. Couple the tense, defense-based gameplay with an eerie, atmospheric soundtrack and a gloomy, distressed aesthetic that creates a sense of doom and panic all at once, and you have yourself a thoroughly terrifying and yet hugely enjoyable zombie defense experience. 

The Last and the Least

Though the Last Stand series of games have been concerned with mainly with purely shoot-and-survive formats for its first three titles, the fourth offering, The Last Stand: Dead Zone takes the game to an entirely different sphere of play. With full Facebook integration, The Last Stand: Dead Zone brings the series into the social networking age and requires that you take charge of survivors holed up in a warehouse. Resource management is one of the important facets of gameplay, as is surviving each zombie attack as it happens and ensuring that you rebuild and restock for the next attack. Though I’m not much of a fan of Facebook-integrated games in general, what The Last Stand: Dead Zone does it does so very well and it should not be criticised merely because of its platform.