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Sonny 2 – The return of what is believe by some to be the best tactical turn-based RPG on the internet

I Like Action with my Action

I’ll be honest: I find it hard to take turn-based games seriously. Call me old-fashioned, but I actually like a little bit of action in my action games, and splitting what would otherwise be an epic battle up into tiny segments that involve each player politely and gently taking their turn while the other simply sits there and takes it does not equate to the classic definition of the word action. I may have spoiled turn-based games such as Dungeons of Dredmor for myself through my heavy reliance on first-person shooters to get me through my gaming youth, but I just cannot help but want my enemies to fight back in real time so that I am required to respond accordingly with a mixture of accuracy, strategic manoeuvring, and manual dexterity to control it all. There is no doubt that Sonny 2, the follow-up to the original turn-based RPG that pioneered its own style and take on the genre, Sonny,  is the leading example of how turn-based RPGs should operate, but is it good enough to convert sceptics to its style of gameplay?

For me, the answer to the concluding question of the previous paragraph would have to be “not really”, but this is a personal opinion. Objectively, I can acknowledge that Sonny 2 packs a hell of a punch, and one powerful enough to cause ripples in the pool of its genre. You begin by selecting which class your protagonist will be in: Psychological involves purely telepathic and non-contact combat that uses various mental attacks on the opponent; Biological uses strong and fast physical attacks; Hydraulic uses the power of water to administer strong physical attacks against the enemy.

Action by Action, Turn by Turn

The gameplay is pretty much identical to the original and involves purchasing weapons and items, levelling up through gaining battle experience, and also engaging in some training between each battle or “level”. You engage in battles that take place on a turn-by-turn basis (because normal real-time battles are apparently too mainstream) using the mouse to select different attacks from the contextual menus whose contents change according to your position, your weapons, and also which class you chose at the game’s outset.

Content is something that this series has never been short of, and Sonny 2 is certainly no exception. There are hundreds of items to acquire during the game from basic battering weapons to swords and even more devastating items. You can also choose from a range of powerful moves that vary according to which class you initially chose. My problem with this game isn’t a lack of content, however, but that there really feels like the is simply too much of it, particularly for the beginner, who may be immediately overwhelmed by the action. Couple this with the elaborate cut-scenes and inter-battle dialogue, which some may view as developers Krinlabs’ attempt at being thorough and giving the game depth, but in practice just results in a whole lot of waffle and unnecessary delaying of action that really isn’t that fast-paced or exciting in the first place.

In spite of my views on the turn-based RPG format, Sonny is undeniably a fantastic game that easily sits on a throne overlooking the kingdom of the turn-based RPG genre. Hundreds of items, a multitude of moves, a massive assortment of enemies, and a player vs. player arena mode to enjoy speaks volumes for the game’s capacity to entertain, and one can only await with unprecedented eagerness the arrival of Sonny 3.


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